Icy Tea Tox

“the detox tea” contains high vitamin C, Antioxidant and rich of fiber which helps with metabolism and stimulates natural excretion.

The aromatic of fruit and fragrant of flower are made drinking detox tea more easy … delicious refreshing slim


3-in-1 Tea Mix

Renowned for being the leader of tea production and development in various aspects, Ranong Tea is introducing a wide selection of quality tea products in the form of powdered tea mix, guaranteeing great taste, aroma, and freshness of the highest quality tea.



Mulberry Tea

Inspired by a meticulous manufacturing process starting from selecting the best geographical area for tea cultivation to obtaining quality tea leaves and ingredients, Ranong Tea’s products are certified to internationally accepted standards, including GMP, HACCP, BRC, and Halal. Enjoy sipping fragrant tea with a pleasantly mellow taste.



Ranong Tea Aroma

Ranong Tea Aroma Green Tea
Considered a revolutionary tea drink, Ranong Tea Aroma Green Tea provides a collection of fruit and herbal teas available in various delightful flavors. This refreshing green tea drink is rich in natural antioxidants and healthy ingredients, with an aromatic scent, excellent taste, and low amount of caffeine.

Ranong Tea Aroma Black Tea
With a variety of natural fruity flavors, Ranong Tea Aroma Black Tea is considered special with its well-selected tea leaves, lingering fragrance, and distinctly mild taste. This refreshing and invigorating black tea drink helps spark the lazy afternoon and can be served both hot or cold.


Camellia Green Tea

According to tea growers, the top three leaves are best for healthy consumption. Evergreen shrubs of Camellia are grown naturally on highly fertile highlands in Thailand’s Chiang Rai province.

Ranong Tea Sun Leaf – Chinese Camellia Green Tea

Ranong Tea Sakura – Japanese Green Tea




Ranong Tea’s GINFRESH guarantees the exceptional freshness of ginger that has been aged for a minimum of 11-12 months mixed with natural sugar. Enriched with the finest natural nutrients, GINFRESH becomes even more special with its slightly hot taste, backed by a refreshing fragrance and an excellent taste.



Detox Ranong Tea Derchape

Detox Ranong Tea Derchape is herbal detox tea produced from 100% natural extracts and specially sourced ingredients certified by professional pharmacists specialized in traditional Thai medicine. Over three decades, this quality product has gained a huge acceptance and popularity among both local and international tea drinkers.



D-Chape and D-Vite Coffee

Ranong Tea’s D-Chape and D-Vite Coffee unveil a revolutionary new development in coffee drinks where health and beauty can go hand-in-hand perfectly with each other, guaranteed by professional pharmacists as well as health and beauty specialists.